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You are about to set yourself apart and
keep your clients highly motivated with this fun assessment!



Watch the following 10 minute introductory video for instructions and overview:



Introducing the Service to your clients and members..

Start by discussing real body age in general with your members and clients. This will gain their curiosity. Ask if they would like to know their score by offering to find their Real Body Age, discuss their strengths and weaknesses and then.. provide them your training package to lower their age score..

Using the test in a Group Setting..

For group testing you will use the multi stage group fitness test (included), then pair the group up for conducting two muscular endurance tests in time with your metronome beats (included). Then show them how to test the sit and reach and 3 circumferences using a tape measure (one given to each pair).  

Have them record their results on the group RBA sheets (provided). DONE!


What to do next..

If you haven’t done already, my suggestion would be for you to become more familiar with the assessment itself. To do this,  go to the assessment form page and review the video which walks you through the test showing you how to fill out the results of your clients RBA assessment.

From this, you will get a good overview of the tests and what you need to do to find your clients and members scores. Here is the link:

If you understand the process but would like more on the individual tests, check out the tutorial section.


If related to a specific feature or form – simply enter a comment on the bottom of the page.

If your question is general or related to your account, email us at (and include realbodyage in the subject line).